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关于 Wakefield - Wakefield-Vette提供复杂的散热解决方案,以满足电子封装密度的热工程挑战。 Wakefield Solutions专门为DC / DC转换器,挤压散热器,板级散热器和集成散热器提供热管理解决方案。

Wakefield-Vette提供各种铝挤压散热器型材, 用于自然和强制对流应用,设备专用散热片,精密夹具和热管理垫,粘合剂和润滑脂。 Wakefield Solutions利用其垂直整合的工程和制造能力,在业界领先的交付时间内为特定服务市场提供交钥匙解决方案。

关于 Wakefield - Wakefield-Vette provides complex thermal solutions required to meet thermal engineering challenges of electronics packaging densities. Wakefield Solutions specializes in thermal management solutions for DC/DC converters, extruded heat sinks, board-level heat sinks, and integrated heat sinks.

Wakefield-Vette offers a wide range of aluminum extrusion heat sink profiles, for natural and forced convection applications, device-specific heat sinks, precision clamps and thermal management pads, adhesives and greases. Wakefield Solutions leverages its vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing capabilities to offer turnkey solutions in industry-leading delivery times to niche service markets.


175-6-240P  175-6-240P WAKEFIELD ENGINEERING 175 Series 0.4 C/W Thermal Resistance Greaseless Reinforced Insulator  WAKEFIELD ENGINEERING  2182
286-CBTE  286-CBTE WAKEFIELD ENGINEERING 286 Series 30.2 x 25.4 x 12.7 mm 7.4 C/W Thermal Resistance Bolt On Heat Sink  WAKEFIELD ENGINEERING  400
3688790  3688790 WAKEFIELD ENGINEERING Type VII Handle Metal Top w/o offset  WAKEFIELD ENGINEERING  95
624-25ABT4E  624-25ABT4E WAKEFIELD ENGINEERING 624 Series 21 x 21 x 6.4 mm Square Black Anodized Omnidirectional Heat Sink  WAKEFIELD ENGINEERING  532
658-45AB  658-45AB Wakefield-Vette Heat Sink Passive 27.9x27.9x11.4 mm 6C/W BGA Pin Array Adhesive Black Anodized RoHS  WAKEFIELD  406
960-19-15-D-AB-0  960-19-15-D-AB-0 Wakefield-Vette BGA Heat Sink 19x15mm Diagonal Plastic Top Mount Push Pin RoHS  WAKEFIELD  361

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