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关于 Nihon - Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation (NIEC) 成立于 1957 年 8 月 21 日。NIEC 总部设在日本。 截至 2006 年 4 月 1 日,非合并员工 322 人,合并员工 882 人。NIEC 的经营方针是通过提前无边界地满足客户来开拓市场,扩大市场份额,加强和进一步加强研发能力 并发展新业务,提高以市场为导向的生产力和质量,确保适当的利润,建立以人为本的人力资源管理政策,强调环境保护工作。
NIEC产品的制造和销售 (自产产品),如半导体分立产品、半导体应用产品、肖特基势垒二极管(SBD)、快恢复外延二极管(FRED)、大中小电用整流二极管、晶闸管等。NIEC也 商品销售(其他公司产品):半导体、电子元器件、液晶显示器、电源、电池等 NIEC的经营理念 为在NIEC及其相关公司工作的人们追求幸福和进步,保持稳定的利润分配,为社会做出贡献。 现在NIEC在海外拥有多个办事处:台湾的International Electronics Corp., Ltd.、菲律宾的Philippine Inter Electronics Corporation、Inter Electronics Singapore Pte.。 Ltd. 在新加坡,香港 Inter Electronics Co. Ltd. 在香港和 Nihon Inter Electronics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. 在中国。

关于 Nihon - Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation (NIEC) was founded on August 21, 1957. NIEC Head Office was in Japan. There are 322 employees non-consolidated, and 882 consolidated as of Apr.1, 2006. The management Policy of NIEC is to develop the market by satisfying the customers borderlessly in advance and enlarge the market share, to strengthen and further bolster the R&D ability and to develop new businesses, to increase the market-oriented productivity and quality, to ensure appropriate profit, to establish the human resources management policy with focuses on people and to emphasize the environmental protection efforts.
NIEC manufacture and sales of products (self-manufactured products), such as Semiconductor Discrete Products, Semiconductor Applied Products, Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD), Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diode (FRED), Rectifier Diode used for large, middle or small electricity, Thyristor, and etc. NIEC also sales of merchandise (products of other companies): Semiconductor, Electric Component, Liquid Crystal Display, Power Supply, Battery, and etc. The management philosophy of NIEC is to pursue happiness and advancement for people working in NIEC and its related companies, to maintain stable profit distribution and to contribute to the society. Nowadays NIEC has owned many overseas offices: International Electronics Corp., Ltd. in Taiwan, Philippine Inter Electronics Corporation in Philippines, Inter Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd. in Singapore, Hong Kong Inter Electronics Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong and Nihon Inter Electronics (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. in China.



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