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关于 APC - APC by Schneider Electric是电源和冷却服务的全球领导者,提供业界领先的硬件,软件和服务,旨在确保住宅,业务网络,数据中心和制造环境的可用性和更高的能源效率。凭借施耐德电气的实力,经验和广泛的网络,APC在其生命周期中提供精心规划,完美安装和维护的解决方案。通过其无与伦比的创新承诺,APC为关键技术和工业应用提供能效解决方案。

关于 APC - APC by Schneider Electric is a global leader in power and cooling services, provides industry leading hardware, software, and services designed to ensure availability and higher energy efficiency across the residential, business network, data center, and manufacturing environments. Backed by the strength, experience, and wide network of Schneider Electric, APC delivers well planned, flawlessly installed and maintained solutions throughout their lifecycle. Through its unparalleled commitment to innovation, APC delivers energy efficient solutions for critical technology and industrial applications.


D1125AR27K  D1125AR27K HVR APC Advanced Power Components Resistor 0.27 ohms 10% 112mm OD no ID 12.7mm thick Disc  APC  236

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