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关于 Zoom - 缩放Telephonics公司,自1977年以来通信的领导者,设计,生产,和市场的拨号调制解调器,有线和ADSL调制解调器,无线局域网产品,家庭电话线网络产品和其他数据通信产品下ZOOM®和Hayes®品牌。放大产品在超过在美国和全球超过5000零售量最高的电脑零售商提供3000。

关于 Zoom - Zoom Telephonics, a communications leader since 1977, designs, produces, and markets dial-up modems, cable and ADSL modems, wireless LAN products, home phoneline networking products, and other data communication products under the Zoom® and Hayes® brand names. Zoom products are available in over 3000 of the highest volume computer retailers in the USA and over 5000 retail outlets worldwide.

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