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关于 Yageo - Yageo生产电阻器和相关设备。 Yageo还生产用于下游电子产品的厚膜电阻器,以及用于航空航天,汽车和精密电子行业的高功率薄膜电阻器和芯片电阻器。通过其子公司,Yageo还经营着一家消费品进口企业。

Yageo Corporation成立于1977年,已成为世界一流的无源元件服务提供商,在全球范围内具备生产和销售设施的能力。在亚洲,欧洲和美洲。该公司提供一站式购物,提供商品和特殊版本的电阻器,电容器和无线组件的完整产品组合,以满足客户的各种需求。

Yageo目前排名世界第一。芯片电阻器中有1个,MLCC中为3个,具有强大的全球影响力 - 在全球拥有27个销售办事处,7个生产基地,6个JIT物流中心和2个研发中心。 Yageo的广泛产品主要针对主要垂直市场,包括移动,平板电脑,工业/电源,替代能源,医疗和汽车等应用。 Yageo为EMS,ODM,OEM和分销商等多元化全球领先客户提供服务。


关于 Yageo - Yageo manufactures resistors and related equipment. Yageo also produces thick-film resistors which are used in downstream electronics products, and high power thin-film resistors and chip resistors which are used in aerospace, automobile, and precision electronics industries. Through its subsidiaries, Yageo also operates a consumer goods importing business.

Founded in 1977, the Yageo Corporation has become a world-class provider of passive components services with capabilities on a global scale, including production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The corporation provides one-stop-shopping, offering its complete product portfolio of resistors, capacitors and wireless components in both commodity and specialty versions to meet the diverse requirements of customers.

Yageo currently ranks as the world No.1 in chip-resistors, No. 3 in MLCCs, with strong global presence - 27 sales offices, 7 production sites, 6 JIT logistic hubs and 2 R&D centers worldwide. Yageo's broad product offerings are targeting at key vertical markets, including applications for mobile, tablet PC, industrial/power, alternative energy, medical and automotive. Yageo serves diversified leading global customers, such as EMS, ODM, OEM and distributors.

The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since October 1993, and GDR listing on the LUX since September 1994.

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