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关于 Xicon - XICON的产品系列代表的广泛范围和各种各样的电容器,电阻器,电感器,电位器,适配器,和变压器。所有的优质元器件,价格合理。

关于 Xicon - Xicon Passive Components, established in 1988, has quickly grown to one of the leading passive component suppliers in the U.S. Involved in the production of capacitors since 1973, they were originally sold under the name "Transcap". The name was then later changed to Xicon. Xicon market a full line of Capacitors, Resistors, and Varistors for the Electronic OEM market. Major Product Lines include Aluminum Electrolytic, Film, and Ceramic Capacitors, Carbon Film, Metal Film, and Power Resistors as well as an in depth offering of Surface Mount product.
This comprehensive offering of Capacitors, Resistors, and Varistors brings both Distributors and OEM's of all sizes to Xicon Everyday, seeking to solve their passive component needs. Xicon accept that challenge with diligence, and meet their needs, Everyday! Xicon operates out of a 36,000 sq. ft. office and warehousing facility stocked with components ready for immediate shipment. A centralized location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area means rapid product delivery to any region in the U.S.

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