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关于 Vitec - 威泰克电子公司成立于1986年1月,收购从斯普拉格电气公司的磁性元件司11Z Trigate(R)脉冲变压器产品线之后。威泰克已扩大其产品范围,包括脉冲和隔离变压器,开关电源磁性元件,变压器的局域网(LAN),电信应用程序和定制产品。

关于 Vitec - Vitec Electronics Corporation was formed in January 1986, after the acquisition of the 11Z Trigate(R) Pulse Transformer product line from the Magnetic Components Division of the Sprague Electric Company. Vitec has expanded its product offering to include Pulse and Isolation Transformers, Switching Power Supply Magnetics, Transformers for Local Area Networks (LAN), Telecommunications applications, and Custom Products.

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