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关于 V3 Semiconductor - 2001年4月,V3半导体公司与QuickLogic公司达成最终协议,向QuickLogic公司出售V3的资产。 2001年8月,QuickLogic完成了V3的某些资产的收购,约250万股普通股,价值1 310万美元。 V3半导体公司从事嵌入式系统市场的高性能外设和核心硅产品的设计和营销。

关于 V3 Semiconductor - In April 2001, V3 Semiconductor, Inc. entered into a definitive agreement with QuickLogic Corporation providing for the sale of V3ís assets to QuickLogic Corporation. In August 2001, QuickLogic completed the acquisition of certain assets of V3, for approximately 2.5 million shares of its common stock, valued at $13.1 million. V3 Semiconductor, Inc. engages in the design and marketing of high performance peripheral and core silicon products for the Embedded Systems market.

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