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关于 Taiwan Semiconductor - 台湾积体电路制造有限公司是一家铸造厂,该公司生产使用其制造工艺为客户根据自己的或第三方的集成电路设计半导体。公司提供一系列晶片的制造工艺,包括制造的互补金属氧化物硅逻辑,混合信号,射频,嵌入式存储器,双极互补金属氧化硅混合信号和其它半导体工艺。它的工作通过代工领域,其中从事生产,销售,包装,检测和集成电路等半导体器件的计算机辅助设计和制造口罩。它还有其它一些运营部门,其中从事研究,开发,设计,制造和固态照明设备和可再生能源和效率的相关技术和产品的销售。它提供了设计,碰撞,探测和装配和测试服务。

关于 Taiwan Semiconductor - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited is a foundry, which manufactures semiconductors using its manufacturing processes for its customers based on their own or third parties' integrated circuit designs. The Company offers a range of wafer fabrication processes, including processes to manufacture complementary metal oxide silicon logic, mixed-signal, radio frequency, embedded memory, bipolar complementary metal oxide silicon mixed-signal and other semiconductors. It operates through foundry segment, which engages in manufacturing, selling, packaging, testing and computer-aided design of integrated circuits and other semiconductor devices and the manufacturing of masks. It also has other operating segments, which engage in the researching, developing, designing, manufacturing and selling of solid state lighting devices and renewable energy and efficiency related technologies and products. It offers design, bumping, probing, and assembly and testing services.

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