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关于 Shindengen Electric Manufacturing - Shindengen是电力电子的整体制造商,开发和生产功率半导体,电子产品,功率器件产品和新能源产品。

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd.从事半导体,电气设备和电源产品的制造和销售。 该公司通过设备,汽车电子和下一代能源部门运营。 Device部分生产二极管,晶闸管,MOSFET,电压功率IC和电源模块。 汽车电子部门生产摩托车和汽车的电子元件,以及通用变频器。 下一代能源部门主要生产用于光伏发电机,电力存储系统,电动汽车充电站以及信息和通信设备电源的电力调节器。 该公司成立于1949年8月16日,总部位于日本东京。

关于 Shindengen Electric Manufacturing - Shindengen is an overall manufacturer of power electronics that develops and produces power semiconductors, electrical products, power device products and new energy products.

Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Co. Ltd. engages in the manufacture and sale of semiconductor, electric equipment, and power supply products. The company operates through Device, Car Electronics and Next Generation Energy segments. The Device segment manufactures diodes, thyristors, MOSFET, voltage power ICs and power modules. The Car Electronics segment manufactures electronics components for motorcycles and automobiles, along with general purpose inverters. The Next Generation Energy segment primarily manufactures power conditioners for photovoltaic generators, power storage systems, recharging stands for electric vehicles and power supplies for information and communication equipment. The company was founded on August 16, 1949 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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