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关于 PANJIT SemiConductor - 强茂是一家上市公司,成立于1986年5月强茂是垂直的集成。强茂自我设计和生产的晶片和制造产品。随着洞察力的观察和核心技术,强茂是能够不断推出低调的产品和符合客户需求的准确额定功率器件。

关于 PANJIT SemiConductor - PanJit is a public company founded in May 1986. Pan Jit International is vertical integrated. PanJit self-design and produce the wafer and manufacture their products. With insight observation and core technologies, PanJit is able to continuously launch low profile products and accurate power rating devices which conforms to the customer needs.

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