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关于 Narda - Narda Microwave拥有比其历史上任何时候都更多样化的产品组合,并且保持着世界上最大的RF和微波组件库存,其中许多都有现货供应。 Narda设计和制造最先进的RF和微波无源组件,微波集成电路(MIC),高度集成的多功能组件以及DC至60 GHz频率范围内的完整子系统。该公司的产品用于陆上,海上,空中和太空的商业和军事应用。 Narda还是光纤调制器驱动器和振荡器的领先制造商,这些产品用于OC-768应用以及其他用于光波应用的产品,其速度高达100 Gb / s。该公司数十年来一直是RF安全产品的领导者,用于监控RF和微波发射器是否符合公认的国际标准和指南。通过收购Wandel&Goltermann安全测试解决方案产品集团,Narda在该领域的业务在2000年得到了进一步加强。 Narda安全测试解决方案拥有所有EMF测量专利的95%,其仪器被业界和全球政府机构视为参考标准。

  • 微波组件
  • 微波集成电路
  • 射频安全产品
  • 卫星通信产品

    如今,Narda继续在各种技术和市场领域开发创新产品,例如4229-10型,单宽带10dB耦合器,工作频率为1至40 GHz;型号PCSW11799-12,一个DC至8GHz机电开关,仅可测量0.79 x 0.75 x 0.4 in。的封装以及SRM选择性辐射仪,这是一款功能强大的手持式仪器,能够评估100 kHz以上多个源的EM辐射至3 GHz。

    关于 Narda - Narda Microwave has a more diversified product portfolio than at any time in its history, and maintains the world's largest inventory of RF and microwave components, many of which are available from stock. Narda designs and manufactures state-of-the-art RF and microwave passive components, microwave integrated circuits (MICs), highly-integrated multi-function assemblies, and complete subsystems over a frequency range of DC to 60 GHz. The company's products are employed in commercial and military applications on land, at sea, in the air, and in space. Narda is also a leading manufacturer of fiber optic modulator drivers and oscillators for OC-768 applications and other products for lightwave applications at up to 100 Gb/s. The company has for decades been the leader in RF safety products for monitoring the compliance of RF and microwave emitters with recognized international standards and guidances. Narda's presence in this area was further strengthened in 2000 with the acquisition of the safety test solutions product group of Wandel & Goltermann. Narda Safety Test Solutions holds 95% of all patents for EMF measurement, and its instruments are considered the standard of reference by industry as well as government agencies worldwide.

    Major Products

    • Microwave components
    • Microwave integrated circuits
    • RF safety products
    • Satellite communications products

    Today, Narda continues to develop innovative products in a wide variety of technology and market areas, such as the model 4229-10, a single broadband 10-dB coupler capable of operating from 1 to 40 GHz; the model PCSW11799-12, a DC-to-8-GHz electromechanical switch that fits in a package measuring only 0.79 x 0.75 x 0.4 in. and the SRM selective radiation meter, a powerful handheld instrument capable evaluating EM emissions on multiple sources from100 kHz to 3 GHz.

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