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关于 Maida - 迈达开发公司成立于1947年,总部位于弗吉尼亚州汉普顿。 Maida产品在美国和国际上得到UL,CSA和VDE等组织的认可,并在全球发行。 Maida
Maida生产的组件产品涵盖了广泛的行业和用途。 Maida的氧化锌压敏电阻用于需要通过附近的雷击防止电源线引起的高压瞬变或抑制由工业设备,变压器,继电器和线圈的开关感应负载引起的瞬态的应用。 常见应用包括接地故障断路器,专用高压电源,电信设备,计算机和计算机相关产品,电机控制系统,有线电视系统和交流烟雾探测器,以及许多特殊应用。

定制 Maida还提供满足特定客户要求的组件设计和制造。

关于 Maida - Maida Development Company was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Hampton, Virginia. Maida products are component-recognized in the US and internationally by organizations such as UL, CSA, and VDE and are distributed worldwide. Maida
Component products manufactured by Maida cover a wide range of industries and uses. Maida's zinc oxide varistors are used in applications that require protection against high voltage transients induced on power lines by nearby lightning strikes or suppression of transients caused by switching inductive loads from industrial equipment, transformers, relays and coils. Common applications include ground fault interrupters, specialty high voltage power supplies, telecommunication equipment, computer and computer-related products, motor control systems, cable TV systems, and AC smoke detectors, plus many special applications.

Custom design and fabrication of components for specific customer requirements are also available from Maida.

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