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关于 Hitachi Semiconductor - 日立公司提供了多种半导体和半导体材料为您的制造需求。不是所有的电子设备相同。日立设计的最前沿的零件和设备,从最小的工业相机到最大的广播级摄像机和半导体制造设备和之间的一切。制造业产生了先进的设备,这将使制造过程中更大规模的需求时间效率和成本效益。日立满足了这种需要通过发展国家的最先进的照相机,分析仪,检测系统,半导体和材料,从电缆电磁线。

关于 Hitachi Semiconductor - Hitachi offers a variety of semiconductors and semiconductor materials for your manufacturing needs. Not all electronic devices are created equal. Hitachi designs the most leading-edge parts and devices, ranging from the smallest industrial cameras to the largest broadcast cameras and semi-conductor manufacturing equipment and everything in between. The manufacturing industry has generated massive demand for advanced devices that will make the manufacturing process more time-efficient and cost-efficient. Hitachi meets this need by developing state-of-the-art cameras, analyzers, inspection systems, semi-conductors and materials ranging from cables to magnetic wires.

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