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关于 Diotec Semiconductor - 的半导体装置的心脏是硅芯片。虽然许多供应商只购买芯片和组装成一个包,Diotec功能得到了完整的诀窍半导体生产。尤其是齐纳和TVS二极管,其种类繁多partnames的,是相对于基础材料,物流和扩散技术的一大挑战。

关于 Diotec Semiconductor - The heart of a semiconductor device is the silicon chip. While many suppliers just buy the chips and assemble them into a package, Diotec has got the complete know how of semiconductor production. Especially Zener and TVS diodes, with their large variety of partnames, are a major challenge with respect to base material, logistics and diffusion technology.

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