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关于 Camtec Power - 自1995年成立以来,Camtec设计了高端开关模式电源,满足具有挑战性的需求。其结果是卓越的质量,趋势设置技术,延长的使用寿命和非凡的市场合规性。 Camtec公司作为系统供应商和用户的合作伙伴。应用的解决方案正在与我们的客户紧密的团队合作。 CAMTEC POWER SUPPLIES GMBH代表了现代电子工业的突出特点。我们的工程团队不太愿意在苛刻的环境条件下为复杂的需求提供高效的解决方案。 Camtec严格将其营业收入的40%再投入研究和开发以应付客户未来的需求。主要目标是明智地处理我们有限的能源.Camtec高性能电源是市场上最领先的产品之一

关于 Camtec Power - Since established in 1995 Camtec designs high-end switch mode power supplies for challenging demands. The result is outstanding quality, trend-setting technology, extended life-time and extraordinary market-compliance. Camtec exposes as a system-supplier and as a partner of the user. Applied solutions are being developed in a close team-work with our customers. The CAMTEC POWER SUPPLIES GMBH represents the outstanding character of the modern electronic industry. Our engineering-team hardly aspires towards high-efficient solutions for complex demands under challenging ambient conditions. Camtec strictly reinvest 40% of its operative income into research and development to cope the customer future requirements. The primary objective is the wise handling of our limited energy resources.Camtec high-performance power supplies are one of the most leading products on the market

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