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关于 Arcotronics - Arcoscronics集团是一家KEMET公司,是世界领先的无源元件生产商,包括SMD薄膜电容器,薄膜电容器,EMC-RFI滤波器,铝电解电容器和陶瓷电容器。
Kemet公司收购了Arcotronics Italia SpA, 2008年,塑料薄膜和金属化塑料薄膜电容器和湿式钽电容器制造商。

关于 Arcotronics - Arcotronics Group, a KEMET company, is a world leading producer of passive components including the SMD film capacitor, film capacitor, EMC-RFI filter, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, and ceramic capacitor.
Kemet Corp. acquired Arcotronics Italia S.p.A., a manufacturer of plastic film and metallized plastic film capacitors and wet tantalum capacitors in 2008.
Arcotronics is also a manufacturer of battery and film capacitor machinery with manufacturing facilities in Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and China. The company is owned by Blue Skye S.a r.l., a company owned by the special opportunities funds managed by D.B. Zwirn and Co. L.P.

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