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关于 Anaren - 安伦是微波/ RF基础技术的世界领先的无线基础设施,卫星通讯,医疗,光学,汽车,消费品,和国防部门。的产品线包括无源器件(空气模块,耦合器,功分器,平衡不平衡转换器,分离器/组合器),活性(矢量调制器,混频器),电阻元件(电阻器,端子,衰减器),铁氧体(循环器,隔离器),和复杂的装配(开关,波束形成器,天线馈电网络,DRFMs,IMAS)。在所有情况下,安伦顾客放心的创新设计和材料加工;质量在制造世界范围内5设施;和产品供应从安伦或通过本公司授权的分销商直接

关于 Anaren - Anaren is a world leader in microwave/RF-based technology for the wireless infrastructure, satellite communications, medical, optics, automotive, consumer-products, and defense sectors. Product lines include passives (AIR modules, couplers, power dividers, baluns, splitter/combiners), actives (vector modulators, mixers), resistive components (resistors, terminations, attenuators), ferrites (circulators, isolators), and complex assemblies (switching, beamformers, antenna feed networks, DRFMs, IMAs). In all cases, Anaren customers are assured of innovative designs and materials-processing; quality manufacturing at five facilities worldwide; and product availability direct from Anaren or through our authorized stocking distributors


66089-2406  66089-2406 Anaren AntennaFor Module 24C 6mm Lead Omnidirectional u.FL 3dB 2.4GHz 50ohm 1.7 MaxVSWR RoHS  ANAREN  3
66089-2406  66089-2406 Anaren Antenna For Module 24C 6mm Lead Omnidirectional u.FL 3dB 2.4GHz 50ohm 1.7 Max VSWR RoHS  ANAREN  365
X3C17A1-03WS  X3C17A1-03WS Anaren RF Directional Coupler General Purpose 690MHz-2.7GHz 50W 4-SMD No Lead RoHS  ANAREN  39

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