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关于 AlcoSwitch - 商TE Connectivity/ ALCOSWITCH提供开关,包括DIP开关,滑动开关,触摸开关,按钮开关,拨动开关,摇杆/桨开关全方位,微动开关,旋转开关和锁开关。除了其广泛的交换机产品,商TE Connectivity/ ALCOSWITCH还提供配件,如把手,帽子,开机密封件和相应的硬件来完成他们的产品提供全方位的。

关于 AlcoSwitch - TE Connectivity / Alcoswitch offers a comprehensive range of switches including DIP switches, slide switches, tactile switches, pushbutton switches, toggle switches, rocker / paddle switches, snap action switches, rotary switches, and keylock switches. In addition to their extensive switch portfolio, TE Connectivity / Alcoswitch also offers a comprehensive range of accessories such as knobs, caps, boot seals and the respective hardware to complete their product offering.

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