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关于 Airpax - AIRPAX - 森萨塔科技(AIRPAX™,外形尺寸™,关于Klixon™) - 森萨塔科技公司是全球领先的电气保护,移动电源,传感和控制解决方案,各个行业和应用的一系列广泛的供应商之一。我们AIRPAX™产品包括液压磁断路器和保护器,热保护电路,双金属温控器,速度和位置传感器,保险丝,电源开关,模块化配电系统和受保护的电池断开。我们的尺寸™产品包括直流 - 交流逆变器和电池充电器。

关于 Airpax - Airpax - Sensata Technologies (Airpax™, Dimensions™, Klixon™) – Sensata Technologies Inc. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical protection, mobile power, sensing and control solutions across a broad array of industries and applications. Our Airpax™ products include hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers and protectors, thermal circuit protectors, bimetal thermostats, speed and position sensors, fuses, power switches, modular distribution systems and protected battery disconnects. Our Dimensions™ products include DC to AC inverters and battery chargers.

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