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关于 Accusonic - Accusonic语音系统是动态的动圈式扬声器战术传感器和包裹,放大扬声器系统的开发和交付世界领先地位。 AVS的产品线是世界上领先的战术无线电制造商的首要选择。成立于1990年,据了解,通信设备等,未来战士已经成为相比之下,在尺寸不断缩小和复杂性不断增长的研究。我们的产品通过功能强大,集成的,直观的,成熟的,可靠和具有成本效益的设计提供工程解决方案。

关于 Accusonic - Accusonic Voice Systems is a world leader in the development and delivery of dynamic moving-coil tactical loudspeaker transducers and encased, amplified loudspeaker systems. The AVS product line is the prime choice of the world’s leading tactical-radio manufacturers. Established in 1990, we understand that communications equipment for the future warfighter has become a study in contrast, where size is shrinking and complexity is growing. Our products provide engineered solutions through designs that are powerful, integrated, intuitive, proven-reliable and cost-effective.

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