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关于 AMP - AMP,年收入约为550十亿$,设计,制造和销售的电子,电气及电光连接设备的广泛和不断扩大的数字互连系统和连接密集型组件。 AMP的产品有任何地方的电子,电气,计算机或电信系统涉及潜在的用途,和正变得越来越重要,以这些系统的性能如语音,数据和视频通信收敛。在其市场上的佼佼者,AMP销售到消费和工业,通信,汽车和个人电脑市场。

关于 AMP - AMP, with annual revenues of approximately $5.5 billion, designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of electronic, electrical and electro-optic connection devices and an expanding number of interconnection systems and connector-intensive assemblies. AMP's products have potential uses wherever an electronic, electrical, computer or telecommunications system is involved, and are becoming increasingly critical to the performance of these systems as voice, data, and video communications converge. The leader in its markets, AMP sells into the consumer and industrial, communications, automotive and personal computer markets.

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