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关于 ADL Advanced Linear Devices - 先进的线性设备公司(ALD)开发和制造超低功耗,高精度CMOS模拟集成电路,相关板级产品和能量采集模块,并纳入本公司的独家技术EPAD®配件。 ALD的标准半导体产品包括“最好的品种”超低电荷注入低电压模拟开关,双积分A / D转换器和数字处理器,精密电压比较器,精密轨到轨满CMOS运算放大器,并具有较高的放电输出,以及增强的广泛选择,损耗和零阈值模式EPAD低漂移CMOS定时器匹配小信号MOSFET阵列。

关于 ADL Advanced Linear Devices - Advanced Linear Devices, Inc., (ALD) develops and manufactures ultra-low-power, precision CMOS analog integrated circuits, related board level products and Energy Harvesting Modules and accessories incorporating the company's exclusive EPADŽ technology. ALD's standard semiconductor products include a full complement of "best-of-breed" ultra-low-charge-injection low-voltage analog switches, dual-slope A/D converters and digital processors, precision voltage comparators, precision rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifiers, and low-drift CMOS timers with high discharge output, as well as an extensive selection of enhancement, depletion, and zero-threshold mode EPAD matched small signal MOSFET arrays.

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