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关于 ABB Control - ABB提供了最大的产品范围:工业控制产品,电机控制和保护设备,自动化控制及零部件,接线端子,接触器,电机起动器,软启动器,电子及机械式继电器,电源,传感器,无线设备,计时器和控制继电器。这些产品是专为NEMA和IEC应用与UL和CSA认证和CE声明。

关于 ABB Control - ABB offers the largest product range: Industrial Control Products, Motor Control and Protection Devices, Automation Controls & Components, Terminal Blocks, Contactors, Motor Starters, Softstarters, Electronic & Mechanical Relays, Power Supplies, Sensors, Wireless Devices, Timers and Control Relays. These products are designed for NEMA & IEC applications with UL & CSA approvals & CE declarations.

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