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关于 3Com - 3Com提供网络接口控制器和交换机,路由器,无线接入点和控制器,IP语音系统和入侵防御系统。 该公司总部位于美国加利福尼亚州圣克拉拉市。 从2007年收购H3C Technologies Co.,Limited(H3C)100%所有权起,最初与中国华为技术有限公司(3Com)在中国的合资企业在中国市场占有领先地位,并在欧洲,亚洲和美洲。 3Com产品以3Com,H3C和TippingPoint品牌销售。 2010年4月12日,惠普完成对3Com的收购。 自收购以来,3Com已被惠普完全吸收,不再作为独立实体存在。

关于 3Com - 3Com provided network interface controllers and switches, routers, wireless access points and controllers, IP voice systems, and intrusion prevention systems. The company was based in Santa Clara, Calif., USA. From its 2007 acquisition of 100 percent ownership of H3C Technologies Co., Limited (H3C) initially a joint venture with China-based Huawei Technologies 3Com achieved a leading market presence in China, and a significant networking market share in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 3Com products were sold under the brands 3Com, H3C, and TippingPoint. On April 12, 2010, Hewlett-Packard completed the acquisition of 3Com. Since the acquisition, 3Com has been fully absorbed by Hewlett-Packard and no longer exists as a separate entity.

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