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关于 Sawtek - Sawtek Inc.总部位于佛罗里达州Apopka(奥兰多附近),是一家定制设计的电子元件制造商,特别是基于声表面波(SAW)技术的设备,重点关注其政府的高端性能范围。商业市场。其主要产品是用于无线电信手机和基础设施市场的中频(IF)和射频(RF)商业应用的SAW带通滤波器。 Sawtek还生产定制的高性能带通滤波器,谐振器,延迟线和振荡器以及基于SAW的子系统。该公司的产品广泛用于微波和射频系统,包括数字CDMA(码分多址)和GSM(全球移动通信系统)电话系统,数字微波无线电,无线局域网(局域网),电缆和高清电视,无绳电话,卫星和防御系统以及化学传感器。 Sawtek近75%的销售额来自通信行业,其主要客户包括摩托罗拉,现代电子,朗讯科技,三星和诺基亚。其化学传感器和相关组件销往制药公司和政府。除了在佛罗里达州设施外,Sawtek还在哥斯达黎加圣何塞(Sawtek S.A.)设有制造工厂,在韩国首尔(Sawtek Far East)设有直销处。该公司于1996年上市,拥有员工持股计划(ESOP),并且在2001年初,其员工持有约21%的股票。

关于 Sawtek - Sawtek Inc., based in Apopka, Florida (near Orlando), is a manufacturer of custom-designed electronic components, especially devices based on Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology, with an emphasis on the high-end performance spectrum of its government and commercial markets. Its main products are SAW bandpass filters for both Intermediate Frequency (IF) and Radio Frequency (RF) commercial applications in the wireless telecommunication handset and infrastructure markets. Sawtek also makes customized high-performance bandpass filters, resonators, delay lines, and oscillators as well as SAW-based subsystems. The company's products are used in a broad range of microwave and radio frequency systems, including digital CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) telephone systems, digital microwave radios, wireless LANs (Local Area Networks), cable and high-definition television, cordless phones, satellite and defense systems, and chemical sensors. Nearly 75 percent of Sawtek's sales are to the communications industry, and among its major customers are Motorola, Hyundai Electronics, Lucent Technologies, Samsung, and Nokia. Its chemical sensors and related components are sold to pharmaceutical companies and to the government. In addition to it facility in Florida, Sawtek operates a manufacturing plant in San Josť, Costa Rica (Sawtek S.A.) and a direct sales office in Seoul, South Korea (Sawtek Far East). The company, which went public in 1996, has an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), and at the start of 2001 its employees held about 21 percent of its stock.


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