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关于 Moeller - 从2011年7月1日起,电气行业中历史最悠久,最受尊敬的两家公司穆勒(Moeller)和伊顿(Eaton)合并为一个伊顿公司(Eaton),这是一家全球性组织,致力于提供解决方案,为我们的客户提供更高效,更具成本效益的系统运行支持 。

Eaton于2008年4月通过收购德国Moeller Holdings GmbH收购了Moeller业务。欧洲的收购是The Moeller Group(一家用于商业和住宅建筑应用的组件的领先供应商),以及 工业设备应用的工业控制。 该公司主要向西欧,东欧和亚太地区的客户销售产品。 协议购买价格为22.3亿美元。 在组织,产品和生产技术方面,穆勒已完全采用Eaton Business System整合到Eaton中,该系统涵盖了工作流程,工具和工具。

关于 Moeller - From 1 July 2011, Moeller and Eaton, two of the longest-established and most respected names in the electrical sector, come together as one Eaton, a global organisation delivering solutions which support our customers in running their systems more productively and more cost-effectively.

Eaton acquired the Moeller business through the acquisition of Moeller Holdings GmbH, Germany in April, 2008. The European acquisition is of The Moeller Group, a leading supplier of components for commercial and residential building applications, and industrial controls for industrial equipment applications. The company sells products primarily to customers in Western and Eastern Europe and in Asia Pacific. The agreed purchase price is US $2.23 billion. In terms of organisation, product and production techniques, Moeller has been fully integrated into Eaton, adopting the Eaton Business System, a single system covering work processes, tools and tooling.


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