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关于 FMD - Fremont Micro Devices是一家半导体供应商和集成电路设计公司。它已迅速成为非易失性存储器产品和高效电源管理解决方案的领导者。 FMD于2003年在加利福尼亚州弗里蒙特成立,并在美国,欧洲和亚洲设有办事处。管理团队的主要成员与领先的硅谷半导体公司拥有丰富的产品开发,设计,财务和销售经验。 Fremont Micro Devices是一家半导体供应商和集成电路设计公司。它已迅速成为非易失性存储器(NVM)产品和高效电源管理解决方案的领导者。


关于 FMD - Fremont Micro Devices is a leader in non-volatile memory products and high efficiency power management solutions. It was founded in Fremont, California in 2003. The management team has product development, design and sales experience with leading Silicon Valley semiconductor companies. FMD has a world class design and technology team and maintains a close working relationship with its suppliers and customers. It developed the technologies used in its products and has extensive patent coverage. Intimate knowledge of process technology enables quick time to market, high reliability and low cost integrated circuits.

In addition to EEPROM, smart card, digital potentiometers and LED driver solutions, FMD has a portfolio of power management devices including linear and switching regulators, boost and buck converters, PWM and PFC AC/DC standard products. The Company leveraged its expertise in memory and mixed signal design capability to successfully develop custom memory chips. Customer defined solutions offer integrated, flexible, low cost solution.

Quality, reliability and service are the highest priorities at FMD. This philosophy is incorporated in our culture from technology development to post sales customer support.


FT24C08A-ELR-T  FT24C08A-ELR-T Fremont Micro Devices IC EEPROM 8KBIT 1MHZ SOT23-5 RoHS  FMD  470
FT24C08A-ESG-T  FT24C08A-ESG-T Fremont Micro Devices IC EEPROM 8KBIT 1MHZ 8SOP RoHS  FMD  164
FT24C08A-ETR-T  FT24C08A-ETR-T Fremont Micro Devices IC EEPROM 8KBIT 1MHZ 8TSSOP RoHS  FMD  177
FT24C512A-ESR-T  FT24C512A-ESR-T Fremont Micro Devices EEPROM 512Kb (64K x 8) I2C 1.8-5.5V SOP-8 RoHS  FMD  154
FT24C512A-USR-T  FT24C512A-uSR-T FMD (Fremont Micro Devices) IC EEPROM 512KBIT 1MHZ 8SOP RoHS  FMD  94
FT25H04S-RT  FT25H04S-RT Fremont Micro Devices FLASH Memory IC 4Mb (512K x 8) SPI 120MHz 8-SOP RoHS  FMD  253

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