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26528  26528 Aven Lamp Flexible 100V 260V LED RoHS  ELECTRONICS  192
34461A  34461A Keysight Bench Digital Multimeter 300kHz 6 1/2 Digit Truevolt DMM RoHS  ELECTRONICS  277
4020-00-085-1002  4020000851002 Tape Lacing And Tying 0.050Inchx250YD nominal Polyamide nylon MIL-T-43435 type 1 overall  ELECTRONICS  291
AS060  Battery For IMET BE5500 M550S THOR M550S ZEuS 2000mAh (3.6V) for industrial radio remote control replaces IMET Imet AS060 NiMH  ELECTRONICS  50
BC-0303  BC-0303 Comfortable Electronic Co Ltd- Battery Clip for AA or uM3 size Loose RoHS  ELECTRONICS  172
CT2760  CT2760 Cal Test Electronics Adapter Coaxial Connector N Plug Male Pin To N Jack Female Socket (2) 50Ohm  ELECTRONICS  114
DG-Y20-240V/15W-01  DG Y20 240/15W-01 Deguan Bulb T20.48 E12 240V 15W Single Tungsten Lamp E12 Screw Base  ELECTRONICS  478
EA-DOGM132W-5  EA DOGM132W-5 ElectronicAssembly / Display Visions Graphic LCD Display Module 3.3V Transflective Black FSTN - Film Super-Twisted Nematic SPI 132 x 32RoHS  ELECTRONICS  1000
EA-DOGM132W-5  EA DOGM132W-5 Electronic Assembly / Display Visions Graphic LCD Display Module 3.3V Transflective Black FSTN - Film Super-Twisted Nematic SPI 132 x 32 RoHS  ELECTRONICS  316
FRU400-30F  FRu400-30F Fuzetec PTC Resettable Fuse FRu Series 4A 30V 20MR Radial LeadedRoHS  ELECTRONICS  500
GCZ4010B  GCZ4010B Electronics Industry Fan with Double Ball Bearing 12V 0.11A 1.32W 8000RPM 8.8CFM RoHS  ELECTRONICS  421
GPT-9804  GPT-9804 Gw Instek Electrical Safety Tester Safety/Withstanding Voltage/Insulation Resistance/Ground Bond 200V AC/DC RoHS  ELECTRONICS  415
H48-6-320320-1.0-1A  H48-6-320-320-1.0-1A T-Global Technology Thermal Pad Gray 640.00mm x 320.00mm Rectangular Adhesive One Side RoHS  ELECTRONICS  367
H48-6G-150150-1.0-1A  H48-6G-150-150-1.0-1A T-Global Technology Thermal Pad Henna 150.00mm x 150.00mm Square Adhesive One Side RoHS  ELECTRONICS  308
HW104-PAM8403  HW104-PAM8403 Electronics Audio Amplifier Board with 8403 IC 5V 3W 18x21mm RoHS  ELECTRONICS  482
HW636  HW636 Electronics DC/DC Converter with 6.5-48V input 1.25-30V 10A output adjustable RoHS  ELECTRONICS  387
JID3500T4500VM0  JID3500T4500VM0 JQL RF & Microwave Isolator 3.5-4.5GHz Band 5W Drop-in RoHS  ELECTRONICS  267
JSN-SR04T(AJ-SR04M)  JSN-SR04T(AJ-SR04M) Electronics ultrasonic Ranging Module with wire-enclosed waterproof probe  ELECTRONICS  233
LTK-12  LTK-12 Wanjin / Wanzhao Refrigerator Door Light Switch LTK-12 Momentary Fridge Switch Normally Closed 0.25A 250VAC 2Pin RoHS  ELECTRONICS  382
MD75S50  MD75S50 Mingda Microtronics Voltage Regulator 5V 2% 250mA High Input CMOS 3Pin TO-92 RoHS  ELECTRONICS  161
MRO-X2.1RV2-MR  mRo X2.1 Rev 2 - mRobotics The mRo X2.1 Rev. 2 is the reduced version of PixHawk1 with better sensors and more flexibility.  ELECTRONICS  400
NCGM00600091SPUTS  NCGM-00600091-SPuTS AIM M6 X 14/16 SWG Cage Nut RoHS  ELECTRONICS  12
NE-2-4*10.5  NE-2 4*10.5 Ximeng Optoelectronics Neon Light Bulb 220V 2-Lead Out Wire 25000Hrs Life RoHS  ELECTRONICS  189
PD3010  PD3010 Electronics Industry Box Fan 30x30x10mm with DC5V 0.16A 9500 RPM Wire lenght 27cm RoHS  ELECTRONICS  334
SPKR-8OHM-O.25W  SPKR-8OHM-0.25W Electronics Audio Speaker Mini 27mm x 9mm 8ohms 0.25watts RoHS  ELECTRONICS  240
SW3PN3000600200STUTS  SW3PN3000600200STuTS AIM M6 Steel Screw 20mm Torx With Washer RoHS  ELECTRONICS  130
T73LVP10S2  T73LVP10S2 TLSI TTL to Differential LVPECL Translator 3.3V 6-Pin SOT RoHS  ELECTRONICS  287
TACZ5300  TowerHobbies Tactic FPV 5.8GHz RP-SMA Tx Antenna Short 110mm 3dBi  ELECTRONICS  467
TIGER320G-1  TIGER320G-1 TJnet PCI Interface Power Management 32bit 3.3-5V 100PQFP RoHS  ELECTRONICS  294
TMCC05-104K25VT-0402  TMCC05-104K25VT 0402 X7R Topmay Electronic Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF 25V 10% X7R SMD 0402 RoHS  ELECTRONICS  230
TMCC05-105K50VT-0805  TMCC05-105K50VT 0805 X7R Topmay Electronic Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 50V 10% X7R SMD 0805 RoHS  ELECTRONICS  158
TMCC05-105M25VT-0603  TMCC05-105M25VT 0603 X5R Topmay Electronic Ceramic Capacitor 1uF 25V 20% X5R SMD 0603 RoHS  ELECTRONICS  444
TMCR02F10R-1/16W  TMCR02F10R 1/16W Topmay Electronic Resistor 10K Ohm 1% 1/16W SMD 0402 RoHS  ELECTRONICS  196
TMCR02F301R-1/16W  TMCR02F301R 1/16W Topmay Electronic Resistor 301K Ohm 1% 1/16W SMD 0402 RoHS  ELECTRONICS  30
TMCR02F4.02R-1/16W  TMCR02F4.02R 1/16W Topmay Electronic Resistor 4.02K Ohm 1% 1/16W SMD 0402 RoHS  ELECTRONICS  135
TMCR03F-191R-1/10W  TMCR03F 191R 1/10W Topmay Electronic Resistor 191 Ohms 1% 1/10W SMD 0603 RoHS  ELECTRONICS  414
TMCR03J-100R-1/10W  TMCR03J 100R 1/10W Topmay Electronic Resistor 100 Ohm 5% 1/10W SMD 0603 RoHS  ELECTRONICS  449
TYQ-ZJX-1.3X36MM  TYQ-ZJX-1.3X36MM SZTYQ SMA-KJ to MHF RF coaxial cable 50ohms  ELECTRONICS  109
USBA-BD1  uSBA-BD1 Electronics uSB Type A with PCB Board Connector RoHS  ELECTRONICS  33
VES-22UF-50V  VES-22uF-50V Electronics Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor 22uF 50V SMD Can RoHS  ELECTRONICS  86
WS2812B-60-18W  WS2812B-60-18W Electronics LED Strip 10mmx5M Flex LED Strip Lights 5V 3.5A 60 Lamp/M 18W/M Bare w 3pin JST-SM Connector RoHS  ELECTRONICS  257
ZD0122  ZD0122 Jaycar Electronics Green 3mm LED 500mcd Round Clear  ELECTRONICS  214

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