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关于 Swagelok - 世伟洛克公司是为石油和天然气,化学和石化,半导体,运输和电力行业提供流体系统产品,组件,培训和服务的私人开发商和提供商。 世伟洛克公司总部位于俄亥俄州,年收入约为20亿美元,并通过70个国家/地区的200多个销售和服务中心为客户提供服务,并在20个制造工厂和五个全球技术中心的5500多名公司员工的专业知识的支持下。

世伟洛克品牌和名称一直是卓越品质和可靠性的代名词。 世伟洛克产品数以百万计在世界范围内使用。 世伟洛克在材料科学,产品设计和流体系统性能方面的专业知识与广泛的全球销售和服务网络相结合,使世伟洛克成为世伟洛克客户赖以获得经验,洞察力和支持的资源。

关于 Swagelok - Swagelok Company is a privately held developer and provider of fluid system products, assemblies, training, and services for the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, semiconductor, transportation, and power industries. Headquartered in Ohio, Swagelok earns approximately $2 billion in annual revenues and serves customers through more than 200 sales and service centers in 70 countries, supported by the expertise of more than 5,500 corporate associates at 20 manufacturing facilities and five global technology centers.

The Swagelok brand and name have long been synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability. Millions of Swagelok's products are in use around the world. Swagelok's expertise in materials science, product design and fluid system performance—combined with an extensive global sales and service network, enables Swagelok to be a resource that Swagelok's customers rely on for experience, insight, and support.


SS-4-A  SS-4-A Swagelok Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Adapter 1/4 in. Female NPT x 1/4 in. Male NPT RoHS  SWAGELOK  480
SS-4-RA-2  SS-4-RA-2 Swagelok Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Reducing Adapter 1/4 in. Female NPT x 1/8 in. Male NPT RoHS  SWAGELOK  118

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