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关于 ST Ericsson - ST-Ericsson是一家为移动设备制造商提供无线产品和半导体的跨国制造商。 ST-Ericsson是爱立信与意法半导体的50/50合资企业,于2009年2月3日成立,于2013年8月2日解散。总部位于瑞士日内瓦,是一家无晶圆厂公司,将半导体制造业务外包给代工公司。 自2013年8月2日起,爱立信承担了LTE多模薄调制解调器解决方案的设计,开发和销售,包括2G,3G和4G互操作性。 总共约有1,800名员工和承包商加入了爱立信。 意法半导体采用了除LTE多模薄调制解调器以外的现有ST-Ericsson产品,以及出售给第三方的GNSS(全球导航卫星系统)连接解决方案,以及相关业务以及某些装配和测试设施。 总共约有1,000名员工加入了意法半导体。

关于 ST Ericsson - ST-Ericsson was a multinational manufacturer of wireless products and semiconductors, supplying to mobile device manufacturers. ST-Ericsson was a 50/50 joint venture of Ericsson and STMicroelectronics established on 3 February 2009 and dissolved 2 August 2013. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, it was a fabless company, outsourcing semiconductor manufacturing to foundry companies. Effective August 2, 2013 Ericsson has taken on the design, development and sales of the LTE multimode thin modem solutions, including 2G, 3G and 4G interoperability. In total, approximately 1,800 employees and contractors have joined Ericsson. ST has taken on the existing ST-Ericsson products, other than LTE multimode thin modems, and the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) connectivity solution sold to a third party, and related business as well as certain assembly and test facilities. In total, approximately 1,000 employees have joined STMicroelectronics.


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我们明白我们的客户需要的不仅仅是一个供应商; 他们在供应链中需要一个战略合作伙伴,因此我们努力做到这一点,甚至更多。 我们始终如一地利用我们的库存和全球供应商网络来缩短您的采购周期、降低交易成本并以具有竞争力的价格提供优质的电子元件。

IBS Technology can source ST Ericsson 原始和替代零件。 过时产品的原始零件通常不再可用,或者由于需求而变得非常昂贵。 在这里,我们的专业知识可以帮助您找到满足您要求的最佳解决方案。

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