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关于 Rogers - 该公司的高级连接解决方​​案部门为无线通信基础设施,汽车,连接设备,有线基础设施,消费电子产品和航空航天/国防中的连接应用提供电路材料和解决方案。其弹性材料解决方案部门为临界缓冲,密封,冲击保护和振动管理应用提供弹性材料解决方案,包括一般工业,便携式电子产品,消费品,汽车,大众运输,建筑和印刷应用。该公司的电力电子解决方案部门提供用于功率模块应用的陶瓷基板材料,用于功率逆变器和高功率互连应用的层压母线,以及微通道冷却器。其他部门为地面运输,办公设备,消费者和其他市场的应用提供弹性组件;弹性体浮子用于油箱,电动机和储罐中的液位传感;用于便携式通信和汽车市场的逆变器。该公司还为工业,航空航天,汽车和电子市场生产和销售聚四氟乙烯,超高分子量聚乙烯薄膜,压敏胶带和特种产品。罗杰斯公司成立于1832年,总部位于亚利桑那州钱德勒。

关于 Rogers - For 185 years, Rogers has developed new solutions to empower its customers’ breakthroughs and help them create a cleaner, safer, and more connected world. Rogers serves customers and partners around the globe, and manufactures products in the U.S., China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Hungary and Belgium.

Rogers Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and sells engineered materials and components worldwide. The company’s Advanced Connectivity Solutions segment offers circuit materials and solutions for connectivity applications in wireless communications infrastructure, automotive, connected devices, wired infrastructure, consumer electronics, and aerospace/defense. Its Elastomeric Material Solutions segment provides elastomeric material solutions for critical cushioning, sealing, impact protection, and vibration management applications, including general industrial, portable electronics, consumer goods, automotive, mass transportation, construction, and printing applications. The company’s Power Electronics Solutions segment offers ceramic substrate materials for power module applications, laminated bus bars for power inverter and high power interconnect applications, and micro-channel coolers. Its Other segment provides elastomeric components for applications in ground transportation, office equipment, consumer, and other markets; elastomer floats for level sensing in fuel tanks, motors, and storage tanks; and inverters for portable communications and automotive markets. The company also manufactures and sells polytetrafluoroethylene, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene films, pressure sensitive tapes, and specialty products for the industrial, aerospace, automotive, and electronics markets. Rogers Corporation was founded in 1832 and is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona.


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