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关于 Protek Devices - 总部位于美国亚利桑那州坦佩的ProTek Devices是瞬态电压抑制(TVS)产品的制造商,该产品专门用于保护电子系统免受雷电,静电释放(ESD),核电磁脉冲(NEMP)和电感性的破坏性影响 交换。 凭借25年的工程和制造经验,ProTek设计的TVS设备可为任何类型的电子系统(例如电信,工业,军事和商业应用)提供特定于应用的保护解决方案。

关于 Protek Devices - ProTek Devices, based in Tempe, Arizona USA, is a manufacturer of Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) products designed specifically for the protection of electronic systems from the destructive effects of Lightning, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP) and Inductive Switching. With 25 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, ProTek designs TVS devices that provide application specific protection solutions for any type of electronic system such as, telecommunications, industrial, military and commercial applications.


ET724-LF-T7  ET724-LF-T7 ESD Suppressor Diode Array Uni-Dir 20V 6-Pin SOT-23 T/R  ProTek Devices  500
GBLC03CIHP-T7  ESD Suppressor TVS 3V 2-Pin SOD-323 T/R  ProTek Devices  500
GBLC05-LF-T7  GBLC05-LF-T7 ESD Suppressor TVS 5V 2-Pin SOD-323 T/R  ProTek Devices  500
PLCDA12-LF  PLCDA12-LF PROTEK DEVICES PLCDA12 Series 2 Ch 25.9 Vcl 13.3 Vbr 5 pF Bidirectional TVS Array - SOIC-8  PROTEK DEVICES  3038
PSD05C-LF-T7  PSD05C-LF-T7 ESD Suppressor TVS 5V 2-Pin SOD-323 T/R  ProTek Devices  500
PSLC15-LF-T7  PSLC15-LF-T7 ESD Suppressor TVS 15V 4-Pin(3+Tab) SOT-143 T/R  ProTek Devices  500
PSOT15C-LF-T7  PSOT15C-LF-T7 ESD Suppressor TVS 15V 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R  ProTek Devices  500
PSOT24C-LF-T7  PSOT24C-LF-T7 ESD Suppressor TVS 24V 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R  ProTek Devices  500
PSOT36C-LF-T7  PSOT36C-LF-T7 ESD Suppressor TVS 36V 3-Pin SOT-23 T/R  ProTek Devices  500
SM16LC05-LF  SM16LC05-LF ESD Suppressor TVS 5V 16-Pin SOIC Tube  ProTek Devices  500
SM16LC15C-LF  SM16LC15C-LF ESD Suppressor TVS 15V 16-Pin SOIC Tube  ProTek Devices  500
SM30KPA43AN  SM30KPA43AN PROTEK DEVICES 30 kW 43 V 73 Vcl Uni-Directional Surface Mount TVS Diode - DO-160G  PROTEK DEVICES  58
SM8LC05-LF  SM8LC05-LF ESD Suppressor TVS 5V 8-Pin SO  ProTek Devices  500
SMDA05-LF-T7  SMDA05-LF-T7 ESD Suppressor TVS 5V 8-Pin SO T/R  ProTek Devices  500
SMDA24-LF  SMDA24-LF ESD Suppressor TVS Uni-Dir 24V 8-Pin SO Tube  ProTek Devices  500
SMDA24C-LF  SMDA24C-LF ESD Suppressor TVS 24V 8-Pin SO T/R  ProTek Devices  500
SMDB05C-LF  SMDB05C-LF PROTEK DEVICES SMDB05C Series 4 Channel 24.6 Vcl 6 Vbr 493 pF Bidirectional TVS Array - SOIC-8  PROTEK DEVICES  2124

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