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关于 NovaComm - NovaComm Technologies是一家创新型公司,专注于为嵌入式设备提供无线应用和其他先进电子应用的技术和解决方案.NovaComm为需要的客户设计和制造定制的,性能关键的,强大的,超低功耗的嵌入式蓝牙模块 高度集成的系统,满足无线和便携式设备的空间要求。 我们致力于缩短客户的产品开发周期,并通过高度集成的模块加速产品的产品上市时间,这些模块具有一流的RF灵敏度和功耗特性。
NovaComm通过提供创新产品和优秀客户赢得了良好的声誉 为工业自动化,销售点,汽车,医疗保健,健身与运动测量与数据采集以及消费电子市场的客户提供具有竞争力价格的服务。

关于 NovaComm - NovaComm Technologies is an innovative company focusing on technologies and solutions for wireless applications and other advanced electronics applications for embedded devices.
NovaComm designs and manufactures customized, performance-critical, robust, ultra-low power embedded Bluetooth modules to customers who need highly integrated systems to meet wireless and portable devices space requirements. We contribute to shorten customer's product development cycle and accelerate their product's time-to-market with highly integrated modules capable of the best in class RF sensibility and power consumption profiles.
NovaComm has achieved favorable reputation by providing innovative products and outstanding customer service at competitive prices to our customers in Industrial Automation, Point of Sales, Automotive, Medical & Health Care, Fitness & Sports Measurement & Data Acquisition and Consumer Electronics markets.


NVC-MDCS58  NVC-MDCS58 NovaComm Bluetooth 5.0 Dual Mode Module  NOVACOMM  209

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