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关于 Moore Products - Moore Industries在为过程监控和控制行业设计和制造异常坚固,可靠且高质量的现场和DIN导轨安装仪表方面处于世界领先地位。 产品线包括温度变送器和组件; 功能安全解决方案; 信号隔离器和转换器 报警跳闸和跳闸放大器; I / P和P / I转换器; 远程I / O和RTU; HART®网关,监视器和接口; 和更多。 我们遍布全球的销售和支持办事处为许多行业提供出色的客户服务和解决方案,包括:化学,石化,公用事业,石油开采和提炼,制浆和造纸,食品和饮料,采矿和金属提炼,制药和生物技术。

关于 Moore Products - Moore Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of an exceptionally rugged, reliable and high quality field and DIN rail mounted instrumentation for the process monitoring and control industries. Product lines include temperature transmitters and assemblies; functional safety solutions; signal isolators and converters; alarms trips and trip amplifiers; I/P and P/I converters; remote I/O and RTUs; HARTŪ gateways, monitors and interfaces; and more. Our worldwide sales and support offices provide excellent customer service and solutions for many industries including: chemical, petrochemical, utilities, petroleum extraction and refining, pulp and paper, food and beverage, mining and metal refining, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

Moore Products Company develops, manufactures, sells, and supports instruments and systems used in the measurement and control of industrial manufacturing processes. The Company products include process automation systems and the associated services, and process control instrumentation.


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我们明白我们的客户需要的不仅仅是一个供应商; 他们在供应链中需要一个战略合作伙伴,因此我们努力做到这一点,甚至更多。 我们始终如一地利用我们的库存和全球供应商网络来缩短您的采购周期、降低交易成本并以具有竞争力的价格提供优质的电子元件。

IBS Technology can source Moore Products 原始和替代零件。 过时产品的原始零件通常不再可用,或者由于需求而变得非常昂贵。 在这里,我们的专业知识可以帮助您找到满足您要求的最佳解决方案。

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