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关于 Minor Rubber - Minor Rubber是面向工业市场的优质橡胶产品的领先制造商。 Minor Rubber的广泛产品线包括模制橡胶索环,保险杠和尖端,波纹管和靴子以及挤压型材和管材。 Minor Rubber拥有大量的库存产品,这些产品具有各种尺寸,形状和材料,可以满足大多数应用的要求。 Minor Rubber还提供定制模塑和挤出服务,以制造用于特殊应用的定制橡胶零件。

Minor Rubber在制造满足各种应用的最高质量标准的创新产品方面赢得了声誉。 Minor Rubber的定制橡胶制造服务于OEM,零件和工业分销市场,专门从事电子,航空航天,医疗保健,建筑,运输和国防应用。

Minor Rubber注重细节和对每个项目追求卓越的承诺,再加上Minor Rubber的经验和Minor Rubber服务的行业知识,可确保yMinor Rubber的部门达到或超过yMinor Rubber的期望。

关于 Minor Rubber - Minor Rubber is a leading manufacturer of high-quality rubber products for the industrial market. Minor Rubber's extensive product line includes molded rubber grommets, bumpers and tips, bellows and boots, and extruded profiles and tubing. Minor Rubber maintain an extensive inventory of products in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials that meet the requirements for most applications. Minor Rubber also offer custom molding and extruding services to manufacture custom rubber parts for special applications.

Minor Rubber has earned the reputation for manufacturing innovative products that meet the highest quality standards for a variety of applications. Minor Rubber's custom rubber manufacturing serves the OEM, replacement part and industrial distribution markets, specializing in electronics, aerospace, healthcare, construction, transportation, and defense applications.

At Minor Rubber, Minor Rubber's attention to detail and commitment to excellence for every project, coupled with Minor Rubber's experience and knowledge of the industries Minor Rubber serve, ensures that yMinor Rubber's part will meet or exceed yMinor Rubber's expectations.


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我们明白我们的客户需要的不仅仅是一个供应商; 他们在供应链中需要一个战略合作伙伴,因此我们努力做到这一点,甚至更多。 我们始终如一地利用我们的库存和全球供应商网络来缩短您的采购周期、降低交易成本并以具有竞争力的价格提供优质的电子元件。

IBS Technology can source Minor Rubber 原始和替代零件。 过时产品的原始零件通常不再可用,或者由于需求而变得非常昂贵。 在这里,我们的专业知识可以帮助您找到满足您要求的最佳解决方案。

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