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关于 FCT Electronics - 作为连接器和电缆组件的创新制造商,FCT Electronics拥有多年的综合经验,这些制造商依靠创新技术,以解决方案为导向的思想,合格的员工以及他们对公司及其客户的团队导向承诺。

2013年9月13日 - 全球电子元件公司Molex Incorporated今天宣布它已完成对位于德国慕尼黑的FCT电子集团的收购。

关于Molex Incorporated

关于 FCT Electronics - FCT Electronics has a comprehensive experience of many years as an innovative manufacturer of connectors and cable assemblies that rely on innovative technologies, solution-orientated thinking, qualified staff and their team-orientated commitment to the company and its customers.

FCT Electronics Group specializes in designing and manufacturing custom mixed-layout connectors and cable assemblies. This strategic acquisition is expected to expand the presence of Molex solutions in the global medical electronics, industrial, telecom and aerospace industries.

September 13, 2013 Molex Incorporated, a global electronics components company, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of FCT Electronics Group, based in Munich, Germany.

About Molex Incorporated
Providing more than connectors, Molex delivers complete interconnect solutions for a number of markets including: data communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle, aerospace and defense, medical and lighting. Established in 1938, the company operates 41 manufacturing locations in 15 countries. The Molex website is Follow us at, watch our videos at, connect with us at and read our blog at


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我们明白我们的客户需要的不仅仅是一个供应商; 他们在供应链中需要一个战略合作伙伴,因此我们努力做到这一点,甚至更多。 我们始终如一地利用我们的库存和全球供应商网络来缩短您的采购周期、降低交易成本并以具有竞争力的价格提供优质的电子元件。

IBS Technology can source FCT Electronics 原始和替代零件。 过时产品的原始零件通常不再可用,或者由于需求而变得非常昂贵。 在这里,我们的专业知识可以帮助您找到满足您要求的最佳解决方案。

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