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关于 Digi International - Digi International Inc.提供物联网网络硬件产品和解决方案。它分为两个部分:机器对机器和解决方案。它提供蜂窝路由器,通过蜂窝数据网络为设备提供连接;蜂窝网关产品,使设备或设备组能够在没有现有网络或禁止访问网络的地方联网;射频产品,利用一系列无线协议实现PC到设备或设备到设备的连接;以及用于医疗,运输和工业设备制造商的模块和单板计算机上的Connect,Rabbit和基于ARM的嵌入式系统。它还提供控制台和串行服务器,以及通用串行总线(USB)到串行转换器,USB over IP产品和多端口USB集线器。此外,它还为无线技术平台和应用提供交钥匙网络产品设计,测试和认证服务;实施计划,应用程序开发,现场支持,安装和客户培训服务;和Digi Remote Manager,一种集中式远程设备管理解决方案,可满足服务水平承诺,并符合支付卡行业标准,以及监控,诊断和修复远程设备。此外,它还提供Digi智能解决方案,该系统使餐馆,杂货店,便利店,药房,学校,医院和工业场所能够监控食品和其他易腐货物的温度,并通过以下方式跟踪操作任务的完成情况。雇员。它通过分销商,系统集成商和增值经销商网络销售其产品,供各种业务和机构以及原始设备制造商和其他人使用。

关于 Digi International - Digi International Inc. provides Internet of Things networking hardware products and solutions. It operates in two segments, Machine-to-Machine and Solutions. It offers cellular routers that provide connectivity for devices over a cellular data network; cellular gateway products that enable devices or groups of devices to be networked in locations where there is no existing network or where access to a network is prohibited; radio frequency products that utilize a range of wireless protocols for PC-to-device or device-to-device connectivity; and Connect, Rabbit, and ARM-based embedded systems on module and single board computers for medical, transportation, and industrial device manufacturers. It also provides console and serial servers, as well as universal serial bus (USB)-to-serial converters, USB over IP products, and multiport USB hubs. In addition, it offers turn-key networking product design, testing, and certification services for wireless technology platforms and applications; implementation planning, application development, on-site support, installation, and customer training services; and Digi Remote Manager, a centralized remote device management solution to meet service level commitments and stay compliant with payment card industry standards, as well as to monitor, diagnose, and fix remote devices. Further, it provides Digi Smart Solution, a system that enables restaurants, groceries, convenience stores, pharmacies, schools, hospitals, and industrial sites to monitor the temperature of food and other perishable goods, as well as to track the completion of operating tasks by employees. It sells its products through a network of distributors, systems integrators, and value added resellers for various businesses and institutions, as well as to original equipment manufacturers and others in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia Pacific, and Latin America. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota.



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