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关于 China Semiconductor Corp - 中国半导体公司(简称CSC)成立于1973年,是台湾领先的专业LED制造商之一。 CSC隶属于台湾最大的LED芯片制造商Optotech Corporation,也是全球前三名,位于台湾新竹科学工业园区。 CSC已在全球建立了10多个销售渠道,包括亚洲,欧洲,美国。此外,CSC在马来西亚马六甲设有分公司销售办事处,为东南亚客户提供服务。 CSC还参加了德国慕尼黑电子展的重要电子展。为了服务全球客户,CSC在中国圣兴建立了一家新的一流100%自有工厂,这是一家高度自动化的LED制造工厂,以及100%ESD预防系统,名为Opto Plus Technology Corporation(OPT缩写)。该工厂拥有约800名员工(2004年),并为员工准备高标准的宿舍和自助餐厅。位于中国圣兴的工厂是一家无尘防静电接地工厂,已通过ISO-9001认证。由于2006年欧盟要求的绿色产品(GP),CSC / OPT已经准备好了无铅生产和产品,并且可以向所有客户提供完全无铅的LED绿色产品,以满足GP的需求和全球地球环境保护趋势。 CSC / OPT拥有一支经验丰富的管理团队,他们都致力于LED行业20多年。他们带领所有CSC / OPT员工在21世纪创造了LED产业的新里程碑。

关于 China Semiconductor Corp - China Semiconductor Corporation (CSC as abbreviation) was founded in 1973, which is one of the leading professional LED manufacturers in Taiwan. CSC belongs to the Group of Optotech Corporation, the largest LED chips maker in Taiwan and also the top three in worldwide, which is located in Hsin-Chu Science Based Industrial Park in Taiwan. CSC has established more than 10 sales channels all over the world, including Asia, Europe, US. And, CSC has a branch sales office in Malacca Malaysia to serve Southeast Asia customers. CSC also attended the key Electronics Show as Munich Electronica in Germany. In order to serve worldwide customers, CSC has setup a new first class 100% own factory in Sao- Xing China, which is a highlyautomation LED manufacturing factory, and 100% ESD preventive system, named Opto Plus Technology Corporation (OPT as abbreviation). The factory has around 800 employees (2004), and prepares high standard dormitory & cafeteria for employees. The factory in Sao-Xing China is a dust free and anti-ESD grounded factory, which has been certified by ISO-9001. Due to the green product (GP) required by European union from 2006, CSC/ OPT has prepared well down the Pb free production and products, and can deliver fully Pb free LED green products to all customers already, to meet the GP demand and the worldwide trend of Earth Environment Protection. CSC/ OPT has an experienced management team, whom are all devoted for LED industry more than 20 years. They are leading all of the CSC/OPT staffs to create a new milestone of LED industry in 21 century.


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