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关于 Cambion - Cambion生产插座,触点和连接器插针,短路线,弹簧式触点和连接器组件(包括定制设计),多边形插针和绕线端子,绝缘和非绝缘端子,硬件和配件,继电器底座和适配器,电缆组件, 定制RF连接器和滤波端子。
公司迅速在美国赢得了声誉 为军事和专业电子市场提供小型机电和电子元件的优质供应商

关于 Cambion - Cambion manufactures Sockets, Contacts and Connector Pins, Shorting Links, Spring Loaded Contacts and Connector Assemblies (Including custom design), Polygon Pins and Wire Wrap Termonals, Insulated and Non-insulated Terminals, Hardware & Accessories, Relay Bases and Adaptors, Cable Assemblies, Custom RF Connectors and Filtered Terminals.
Air Coils, Variable Coils, Common Mode Chokes, Toroidals, Wire Wound Chips, Drum Cores, RFIDs, Transformers and Custom Assemblies
The company quickly established a reputation in the USA as a quality supplier of small electro-mechanical and electronic components for the military and professional electronics markets.


CTBP04VZ/2  CTBP04VZ/2 CamdenBoss Terminal Block F 2 Position 9.5mm 30A Solder ST Thru-Hole RoHS  CAMBION  104
CTBP04VZ/3  CTBP04VZ/3 CamdenBoss Terminal Block F 3 Position 9.5mm 30A Solder ST Thru-Hole RoHS  CAMBION  221

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