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关于 APM Hexseal - APM Hexseal专业从事模压弹性橡胶动态密封件的设计和制造,该密封件用于工业,船舶,消费和军事应用的电气控制的环境保护。大多数产品,包括自密封紧固件,均获得ULand CSA认可和/或QPL认证。和硬件。密封靴包括肘节,断路器,按钮,旋转和摇臂靴。自密封硬件的类型包括自密封垫圈,螺钉,螺栓和螺母。诸如弹性体成型之类的功能包括使用多种弹性体的精密传递和压缩成型,橡胶与金属的粘合以及涂层处理。使用的材料包括硅橡胶,氟硅橡胶,丁腈橡胶,氯丁橡胶,EPDM,不锈钢,碳钢,镀镍黄铜,镀锌钢和铝合金。服务的市场包括汽车,建筑,仪器/控制,商业,制造,机床设备,船舶,医疗,军事和加工行业。符合RoHS,REACH和DFARS。

关于 APM Hexseal - APM Hexseal specializes in the design and manufacture of molded elastomeric rubber dynamic seals for environmental protection ofelectrical controls for industrial, marine, consumer, and militaryapplications. Most products, including self-sealing fasteners, are ULand CSA-recognized and/or QPL-listed.

"The world's most hostile environments are our proving grounds" has been the APM Hexseal mission and motto since 1947 when APM first developed its line of switch and circuit breaker high-pressure sealing boots for the U.S Navy. APM's highly IP rated seals are designed to meet MIL-B-5423, are UL recognized, and millions have been used extensively in avionics, instrumentation, communications, construction, marine, medical, and industrial and process industries. APM also offers a full line of UL recognized self-sealing fasteners and washers for panel, electrical NEMA enclosure, and other related systems requiring sealing to 20,000 psig that are also impervious to a wide range of corrosive liquids and gases.

APM Hexseal is a manufacturer of standard and custom sealing boots, bushings and hardware. Sealing boots include toggle, circuit breaker, pushbutton, rotary and rocker boots. Types of self-sealing hardware such as self-sealing washers, screws, bolts and nuts are available. Capabilities such as elastomeric molding include precision transfer and compression molding using a wide range of elastomers, rubber-to-metal bonding and coating treatments. Materials used include silicone rubber, fluoro-silicone rubber, Buna-N, neoprene, EPDM, stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel plated brass, zinc plated steel and aluminum alloy. Markets served include automotive, construction, instruments/controls, commercial, manufacturing, machine tool equipment, marine, medical, military and process industries. RoHS, REACH and DFARS compliant. US listed and CSA approved. Made in the USA.


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IBS Technology can source APM Hexseal 原始和替代零件。 过时产品的原始零件通常不再可用,或者由于需求而变得非常昂贵。 在这里,我们的专业知识可以帮助您找到满足您要求的最佳解决方案。

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