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RCD Components Logo RCD组件致力于提供标准和定制的无源产品竞争力的价格广泛的线,与工程技术和制造能力,以满足客户的需求。电阻器,电容器,线圈和延迟线的制造商,RCD提供了业界最大的成品,交货周期短和独特的SWIFT服务的存货以满足客户的交货要求之一。
RCD Components is committed to offering a broad line of standards and custom passive products at competitive prices, with the engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to serve our customers' needs. As a manufacturer of resistors, capacitors, coils and delay lines, RCD offers one of the industry's largest inventories of finished goods, short lead times and unique SWIFT service to fulfill customer delivery requirements. nbsp;nbsp;
resistive products
Resistive Products 电阻产品
  Resistors, Networks, Jumpers, Shunts, Fuses 电阻器,网络,跳线,分路器,保险丝
 Temp.Sensors, Hybrid Circuits 温度传感器,混合电路
 Capacitive Products Capacitive Products 电容产品
Ceramic, Tantalum, Network 陶瓷电容,钽电容网
 Inductive Products Inductive Products
Inductors, Coils, Chokes, 电感器,线圈,扼流圈,
Transformers, Magnetics 变压器,磁

 Delay Lines Delay Lines
Active, Passive, Programmable 主动,被动的可编程延时线
 Assembly Services Assembly Services 组装服务
Electro-Mechanical Assemblies, SM and Thru-hole
PCB Assembly, Laser Trimming, Component
Forming/marking/Taping, Coil Winding
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