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Narda 制造商


关于 Narda - Narda Microwave-West Mneola,NY 1954Narda通常被视为RF和微波产品行业的支柱,这是正确的。 Narda成立于1954年,迅速发展了设计创新和可靠产品的声誉。四十年后,在军事和商业通信市场的收入增长和扩大产品线之后,新成立的L-3通信公司选择Narda成为公司的十大原始业务之一。今天,凭借五十年的业务成功,Narda被认为是世界上最受尊敬的微波组件和多功能组装设计和制造公司之一。 Narda目前经营四个世界级的微波/射频设施。每个设施都有自己的经验丰富的组织,以支持其核心能力内的工程和运营。关闭设施之间的通信,确保公司人才库中的最大知识转移和资源使用,以完成任何工程需求。

关于 Narda - Narda Microwave-West Mneola, NY 1954Narda is often considered a pillar of the RF and Microwave Product industry, and rightfully so. Established in 1954, Narda quickly developed a reputation for design innovation and reliable products. Forty years later, after impressive revenue growth and expanded product lines for the military and commercial communication markets, the newly formed L-3 Communications chose Narda to be among the ten original businesses to form the company. Today, with five decades of business success, Narda enjoys recognition as one of the most respected microwave component and multi-function assembly design and manufacturing companies in the world. Narda currently operates four world-class Microwave/RF facilities. Each facility maintains its own experienced organization to support engineering and operations within its core competency. Close communications between facilities, ensures maximum knowledge transfer and resource usage among the corporations talent pool, to accomplish any engineering requirements.

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