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关于 Mill Max - 制造商的加工互连组件和特殊连接器包括引脚,插座,端子,IC,BGA,PGA,DIP和SIP插座。 Mill-Max是美国领先的精密加工互连组件制造商。 Mill-Max产品线包括IC插座(SIP,DIP,PGA,BGA,PLCC),弹簧加载的探针和触点,板对板互连和引脚插座,PCB引脚和插座,焊接端子, ,和USB连接器。

关于 Mill Max - Manufacturer of machined interconnect components and specialty connectors including pins, receptacles, terminals, IC, BGA, PGA, DIP and SIP sockets. Mill-Max is the leading US manufacturer of precision-machined interconnect components. The Mill-Max product line includes IC Sockets (SIP, DIP, PGA, BGA, PLCC), spring-loaded probes and contacts, board-to-board interconnects and pin headers, PCB pins and receptacles, solder terminals, wrapost receptacles and terminals, and USB connectors.

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