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Chicago Miniature Lighting, LLC 制造商


关于 Chicago Miniature Lighting, LLC - 芝加哥微型照明,LED的组件在汽车行业的领先供应商,生产用于汽车的环境照明组件,外部灯光如牌照灯和反光镜安装转弯信号,如架空照明系统室内装饰灯。主要产品包括单一颜色的LED,光电显示器,指示器,灯具等。

关于 Chicago Miniature Lighting, LLC - Chicago Miniature Lighting, a leading provider of LED assemblies in the automotive industry, manufactures assemblies used for a vehicle’s ambient lighting, external lights such as license plate lamps and mirror mounted turn signals, and interior lights such as overhead lighting systems. Key product offerings include single colored LEDs, optoelectronics and displays, indicators, lamps, and more.
Along with a strong focus on R&D, Chicago Miniature Lighting utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to ensure each product meets or exceeds critical requirements for functional design, light output, energy consumption, and service life.

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