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关于 CVILUX - 瀚荃专注于范围广泛的连接器,包括I / O,FFC / FPC,线对板,板对板和柔性扁平电缆的制造。此外,它还提供定制电缆和光纤组件和线束总成。瀚荃产品的设计主要是为消费电子,计算,通信和电光应用中。
关于 CVILUX - Cvilux specializes in the manufacture of a broad range of connectors including I/O, FFC/FPC, wire to board, board to board and flat flexible cable. In addition it offers custom cable and fibre optic assemblies and wire harness assemblies. Cvilux products are designed mainly for use in consumer electronics, computing, communication and electro-optical applications.

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