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Amtek Technology Co., Ltd. 制造商


关于 Amtek Technology Co., Ltd - 安特已经演变成各种连接器全球领先的专业制造商。安特的连接器都拥有各种各样的款式和配置,以适应任何设计要求。除了标准的范围内,定制的连接器可以设计,开发和制造,以满足您的个性化需求。安特经验丰富的研发团队不断致力于产品的设计与开发,使他们能够以较低的成本最灵活应对特定的欲望。

关于 Amtek Technology Co., Ltd - Amtek has evolved into a leading worldwide professional manufacturer of various connectors. Amtek's connectors are furnished in a wide variety of styles and configurations to suit any design requirements. In addition to standard ranges, custom-built connectors can be designed, developed and manufactured to meet your individual requirements. Amtek experienced Research and Development teams are continuously dedicated to product design and development, which enables them to respond most flexibly to your particular desires at low cost.

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