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关于 Ametherm - AMETHERM就是力量热敏电阻的领先制造商。 AMETHERM提供最高级别的稳态电流额定值,以及在市场上提供最高额定能量处理能力。他们出色的长期稳定性和坚固的结构使其非常适合用于限制电机(1/3惠普HP3.0范围),医疗(电源,MRI),安全系统(X光机),变压器浪涌电流(高达8.0 KVA),电信(电源高达4000瓦特出把电源)和电机驱动器,以最经济有效的方法。

关于 Ametherm - Ametherm is a leading manufacturer of Power Thermistors. Ametherm offers the highest rated steady state current rating as well as highest rated energy handling capability offered in the market. Their excellent long-term stability and rugged structure makes them ideally suited for limiting Inrush current in the motors (1/3 HP to 3.0 HP range), medical (Power supplies, MRI), Security systems (X-Ray machines), transformers (up to 8.0 KVA), telecom (Power supplies up to 4000 watt out put power) and motor drives, in the most cost effective method.

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