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Aavid Thermalloy 制造商


关于 Aavid Thermalloy - 爱美达THERMALLOY是热设计和热管理解决方案的行业领先供应商。作为全球热技术和全面解决方案,为冷却电子™爱美达THERMALLOY的使命不可分割的一部分领导者,帮助客户解决在产品设计的各个阶段散热问题。

关于 Aavid Thermalloy - Aavid Thermalloy is the leading provider of thermal engineering and thermal management solutions to the industry. As the world's leader in thermal technologies and an integral part of the Total Integrated Solution for Cooling Electronics™ Aavid Thermalloy's mission is to help customers address thermal issues at all stages of product design.

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