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关于 Zebra Technologies - 通过Zebra的目标驱动型移动计算机,条形码和RFID扫描仪,打印机,定位解决方案和软件来提高工作人员的绩效。

Zebra条形码打印机在条形码行业中以其卓越的品质和卓越的声誉而赢得了无与伦比的声誉。 。它的所有打印机都通过称为ZPL的编程语言进行操作。这种编程语言以生产标签文件的行业标准而闻名。该公司在标签打印机领域拥有最大的市场份额。

Zebra打印机由Zebra Industries生产而得名。自1991年成立以来,Zebra是一家上市公司,已成为条形码和RFID技术的全球行业领导者。 Zebra专注于提供质量和效率无与伦比的高速电磁产品。据报道,Zebra在该行业中拥有最大的市场份额。产品销往全球100多个国家。以下是有关其打印机的一些更有趣的事实。

Zebra Technologies Corporation设计和制造企业移动计算机,先进的数据捕获设备,例如激光,2D和RFID扫描仪和读取器,以及用于条形码标签和个人识别的专用打印机。公司还生产WLAN产品,实时定位系统,相关耗材和应用软件。


关于 Zebra Technologies - Enhance worker performance with Zebra's purpose-driven mobile computers, barcode and RFID scanners, printers, location solutions, and software.

The Zebra barcode printer offered has developed an unsurpassed reputation for quality and excellence in the barcoding industry. All of its printers operate via a programming language known as ZPL. This programming language is known for being the industry standard for producing label files. The company holds the largest market share in the label printer segment.

Zebra printers get their name by being manufactured by Zebra Industries. Since its inception in 1991, Zebra, a publicly traded company, has become a global industry leader in barcoding and RFID technology. Zebra focuses on providing high-speed electromagnetic products that are unsurpassed in quality and efficiency. Zebra is reported to have the largest market share in the industry. Products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Below are some more interesting facts to know about its printers.

Zebra Technologies Corporation designs and manufactures enterprise mobile computers, advanced data capture devices, such as laser, 2D and RFID scanners and readers, and specialty printers for barcode labeling and personal identification. The Company also produces WLAN products, real-time location systems, related supplies, and application software.
Zebra products, services and solutions, including:

Barcode Scanning and Advanced Data Capture
Barcode Label Printers
Mobile Computing
Wireless Networks
Maintenance and Repair Services

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